Month: June 2010

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Marketable Title – Do You Believe in Ghosts Coming Back to Haunt You?

Marketable Title – Make Sure What You are Getting as an Investor Investors rely heavily on the closing agent to give them a title policy at closing to insure their interest in the property. Unfortunately most investors don’t know the difference between an insurable and marketable title.  This can come back to haunt them in…
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Kissy, Kissy, Smoochy, Smoochy – I Love Realtors®

Learn to be an Investor Friendly Real Estate Agent or How to Find One I looked forward to writing this article about as much as twisting my little finger off with a pair of pliers. It started when a real estate broker and mentor student called to say that she now understands why I hate Realtors® (to…
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Options to the Dilemma of Owner / Seller Financing

Seller Financing – What Choices does an Investor Have? It happens on a regular basis.  Someone will ask me about doing owner / seller financing on a property they own so they can sell it to a buyer who can’t get a conventional mortgage. The logic is simple.  It’s better to take some income on the property than…
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