Month: July 2010

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Real Estate Ethics – What Is the Right Thing to Do?

The following is a common moral, ethical and financial dilemma with real estate ethics. For some readers there is no problem and the solutions are very simple. For other readers, it may take some thoughtfulness to make the best decision. A student came into the office and told me he had a closing coming up in one week and the seller was…
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Do You Really Need Title insurance When Buying a Property?

Benefits of Title Insurance – Learn About it Before You Need It Title insurance is not available in all parts of the world.  In those countries title disputes are settled through court action or a mediation board. Unfortunately, those court and mediation actions can take a long time.  The outcomes are never guaranteed. In the United States, title insurance is a mainstay…
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Real Estate Price Negotiation – Is That The Best You Can Do?

A Tactic You Can Use (If You Aren’t Already) for Real Estate Price Negotiation I probably heard this question for the first time 30 years ago when a buyer asked me exactly that, “Is that the best you can do?”.  I was selling him a house I rehabbed. Actually, it startled me at the moment but I quickly recovered…
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Is it Illegal to Sell a Property You Don’t Own?

Equitable Interest in Real Estate Investing This started with a phone call from a wholesaler who I have personally known for probably 6 years. He used to rehab when I did but we never actually rehabbed a deal together. Instead, I had sold him a few wholesale properties that he either rehabbed or re-sold as wholesale deals. I haven’t…
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