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Driving for Dollars Doesn’t Work or Does It?

Driving for Dollars – What Prospecting Have You Tried? I am always amazed when someone tells me that a specific type of prospecting (like driving for dollars) does not work. What happened last week was a guy walked into our office and asked to talk to us. He said he had been a mentor student of a local guru…
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What is the Mysterious “GAP” in Title Insurance?

GAP Title Insurance, More Basics The question, “What is the GAP?” is seldom asked because it is not understood by investors and, frankly, many don’t care.  It may be the old proverb, “What you don’t know can’t hurt you” as the skier went sailing over a 2,000 foot cliff. However, the GAP is a very important part of every transaction if you are…
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Selling a Property? Open Houses Don’t Work!

Do Open Houses Really Work to Sell Your Property? I guess I have heard, “Open houses don’t work” a hundred times from Realtors® and homeowners who have asked their listing agent to do an open house. At one time a long time ago I actually saw some statistical data that was developed by a consulting firm to a Realtors® organization that clearly…
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Real Estate Investing Risks, How Do You Weigh Them?

Real Estate Investing Risks, Before Diving In, Make Sure You Calculate This… In the following example I will discuss what I call a defining moment for a student. Defining moments in life are usually life–changing events that irrevocably shape your future or betray your past. In this case, the student’s decision actually defined for me the psychology of the individual. For…
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What Happens When an Heir Won’t Sell in a Probate?

Can Heir Property Be Sold? Probates are a wonderful source of deals. Often the seller lives out-of-area and wants to get cash out of the estate as quickly as possible. Because probates are shown in the public record, they are fair game for all sorts of people – real estate investors, attorneys, creditors, other family members and people who believe they are heirs, and…
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