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The Dreadful Vendor Syndrome in Real Estate Investing Today the “Bubble Head” reared its ugly head again in referring vendors for real estate investors. Bubble Head – a person who becomes foolish or empty-headed because of an inflated ego. In real estate investing, the Bubble Head is a vendor whose ego gets so inflated, because of…
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A Real Estate Investing Strategy to Help You Make Additional Profit

What is your real estate investing strategy? Every mentoring class I get at least one or two students who start doing deals very quickly and at a high volume, often one or two deals a week. I didn’t initially tell them about a real estate investing strategy that makes a huge difference between average success and meteoric success…
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Real Estate Title Companies – Are You Buying Stolen Property?

Real Estate Title Companies, Chain of Title, and What You Need to Know If the title of this article sounds a little harsh, it’s not.  Every homeowner and investor faces this problem more often than you know. If you buy a stolen car where the vehicle identification numbers (VIN) have been carefully fixed and the seller has a…
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What is a Super Priority Lien in Real Estate Investing?

Super Priority Lien – Learn What It Means to You as a Real Estate Investor Most investors are familiar with what a lien is against a property.  The most common liens are mortgages, equity lines, code liens and open permits for work not completed but originally permitted. More and more municipalities are using a Super Priority Lien…
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Buying a Short Sale – How Much Should You Offer?

Buying a Short Sale?  Let’s take the Mystery out of what to Offer I can’t take it any longer!  Everywhere I read there is a ton of misinformation circulating about short sales.  One of my students called today, I’ll call her Lisa (not her real name), and said she was buying a short sale with a…
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The Short Sales Process is Not for Sissies

Some Warnings about the Short Sales Process To give you a window into the short sales process, I received a call from a student who asked if I would put in an offer on a short sale she was attempting. I said “yes” and checked to see what the comparables were in the area.  This property would have sold in…
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