Month: January 2016

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Real Estate Mentor Student Learns Reverse BPO Appraisal

Real Estate Mentor Student Gets A Lesson on Reverse BPO Values. My real estate mentor student did everything correct when he met with his appraiser. Even after 40 years in real estate investing we are always finding out new things. Recently an FHA appraiser and home inspector did an appraisal for one of our real…
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Private Money Real Estate Lenders

Private Money Real Estate Lenders Are Readily Available If You Know Where To Look. Should you consider using private money real estate lenders as an option for your next real estate deal? No doubt that private money is the least expensive of funding options for real estate transactions. Private money is “safe” money that individuals…
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Successful Real Estate Investing for a Full Time Mom & Mentor Student

Hi, I’m Dave Dinkel and today we’re interviewing Anu who’s one of our exceptional students who has been on the program about three years. And when I first interviewed Anu for the Mentoring Program she was carrying a baby. And since then she has had another baby. So she’s a full time Mom but she also works…
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Start Real Estate Wholesaling – This Full Time Mom Did, See Her Success

  Dave Dinkel: I’m Dave Dinkel and welcome. Today we’re going to be interviewing one of our exceptional mentor students Tiffany Bonfiglio. Her husband is well-known in the real estate industry as a broker but Tiffany is not an agent. And I wanted to talk to her.  She has been very, very successful in a certain small niches…
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Real Estate Coaching – See How Much Success It Brought This Student

Hi, I’m Dave Dinkel and today we’re interviewing John Aaron. John happens to be one of our Mentor students who has been in the business for a while now. His goal when he came to me originally was to do a deal a week and I said to him that’s an aggressive goal but it…
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Real Estate Investor Training WARNING

Is Real Estate Investor Training Needed To Fight City Hall? Here are some of the reasons why you need our real estate investor training to succeed. Some municipalities are absolutely resentful of real estate investors and show this by not negotiating “nuance” code liens for non-safety issues. We have seen liens in the millions of…
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Removing Deed Restrictions – MUST READ

Removing Deed Restrictions Requires Reading My wife teases me all the time about my distain for reading instructions. It just seems natural that men should be able to figure out how to make things work without having to read a small folded paper to guide them. Real men should be able to take things apart…
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Residential Land Survey WARNING for Wholesaling

Residential Land Survey Needed in Wholesaling – Oil and Water? As wholesalers we seldom think about getting a residential land survey for a property that we technically own for a few minutes or hours. However, recently I encountered a couple of situations where a simple residential land survey could have saved a huge potential loss…
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Real Estate Mentoring Program Success Secret Revealed.

Not all real estate mentoring programs are the same, but when your former students become real estate mentors you know the program works. What is the success secret of a real estate mentoring program? Frankly, I struggle with this question regularly and I see most real estate mentoring program coaches are always trying to pinpoint…
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Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act Could Get You Arrested

Why Do Aliens Have to Pay Real Estate Taxes on Sales? Because of the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act. If you have ever purchased a property from a resident or non-resident alien, on the closing the seller (alien) pays a 10% tax to the IRS. This is called the Foreign Investment in Real…
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