Don’t Let This Happen To You…

A new investor I talked to told me he felt like hamburger in a meat grinder trying to compete in his market against seasoned investors!

He then asked, “How can I get the biggest and fastest deals?”

I answered, “Drive for Dollars” and he said,  “That’s what ancient investors, what he called dinosaurs, did years ago…”

What’s So Special About Driving
for Dollars As a Real Estate Investor?

At first glance it is obvious that driving around and looking for abandoned properties is very simple. However, it is also one of the most successful ways of getting investor deals – if done properly.

I am sure there are hundreds of Youtube® videos that explain the process in minute detail but there is a LOT MORE to doing it right.

What if I could show you advanced tactics and techniques so that you would discover:

“How to get 2 to 5 Times More Deals Driving for Dollars than Other Investors?”

Most investors attack vacant homes by finding them on their computer search parameters.

Some data services supply them to investors and the MLS® used to show them as “vacant” until burglars got hold of the lists.

Not everyone knows that not every prospect that comes from Driving for Dollars (D4D) is a vacant property.

We started in real estate in 1975 and virtually the only way we got deals was D4D. Actually there was no MLS® except for what was published in a newspaper format.

Because D4D was so important to us we took it to a whole new level.

Yes, we drove and looked ourselves but our prospecting didn’t stop there – we added an additional two steps that got us 2 to 5 times more VERY PROFITABLE deals than all the investors around us.

Every new investor probably tries D4D or does it by accident. They find an abandoned looking property and then send a letter, or a series of letters and postcards, to the mailing address.

In the good old days this would get the forwarding address of the owner – not any more.

More sophisticated investors use a skip trace service to find the owner and then they send their letters and postcards.

There is no question that these tactics work, but what if there were techniques and tactics that could get 2 to 5 times more deals than even these advanced investors are getting from the same vacant properties?

Well, there is and I have written a complete course for investors wanting to take their D4D to an all new level.

We looked back on our personal successes since we started investing back in 1975 and realized that we had some very special “adaptations” as to how we drove for dollars.

Except for my Mentor Students seeing them in their Course work these hard-earned tactics have remained secret.

Just one of these tactics brought us four great wholesale deals in two years and cost us less than $1.50 – it’s revealed in the Course.

What makes this Course so different than what you see everywhere online is that it’s comprised of three distinct “Levels”.

Level #1

Is what you can get for free all over Youtube – I can’t help that because these are the basics that the average investor uses.

Level #2

Is the Advanced Tactics that doubled and tripled our personnel success with D4D.

Level #3

Is only being used by a very few Advanced Investors, “up to now”.

You can now get access to all three Levels and finally automate your deal finding business even further.

You’ll discover how to get deals even if you never find the actual owner of the property and many previously unknown techniques and tactics that will bring you back many times your investment.

It is simple and it’s designed to get you finding deals VERY QUICKLY

The best part is we are offering this complete course for only $24.97.

Why so cheap?

Simply because I want to see every investor have a serious chance to use a “Deal Producing System” that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg!

Make money first before you spend money on expensive Courses and then you can be in control of your destiny.

Here's What You Get

Here’s What You Get

Part 1

Introduction Video

VALUE $47.00

Part 2

Student Video Interview = $42,000 Profit D4D

VALUE $27.00

Part 3

55 page in-depth Step-by-Step Manual

VALUE $57.00

Part 4

Video on “How to Set Up the
Automation System”

VALUE $37.00


My personal slides from my live presentation on D4D

VALUE $24.00


Two additional video examples of actual HUD Statements showing D4D net profits of $21,227.00 and $56,929.29 respectively and both with no money needed from the investor.

VALUE $37.00



All of this and for only $24.97!

That’s an 85%
Price Reduction….

Once you process your credit card you will have IMMEDIATE access to the entire Course and Bonuses!

Now is your chance to get started as a real estate investor or to greatly enhance your income by using this Course to find 2 to 5 times more deals than other investors and as soon as you desire!

I wish you limitless success in all you do,

Dave Dinkel

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