“How Much Does an Average Student Earn in Real Estate Investing as a Result of Being in Our Mentoring Program? “

I have made attempts to calculate an income estimate that could be used for an “ average income” per Student specifically by asking Students their annual income. In the very few instances where Students told me their incomes from real estate investing, I could not verify whether what they told me was true or not.

In general, I feel Students experience two levels of success in our Mentoring Program.  Students, who are not willing to do the work required, do not do the work properly that is required, are not willing to properly use the materials we provide, or simply quit, likely have no success what-so-ever.

Our Program is not a “Get Rich Quick” scheme; it requires continuous hard work for Students to do any deals. At the same time, other Students receive the same materials and personal support and for those who stay in the Program, they became successful real estate investors.

In some cases this means having an additional income source they otherwise would not have or doing so well that they make a full-time career of investing. For compliance with Federal Trade Commission Guidelines about discussing average income levels in our Program, I tell anyone who asks me that the “Average Student” makes no money what-so-ever through real estate investing and that they should not expect to make any money themselves if they join the Program.

When I do video interviews with Students that are posted online, I do so to show how specific deals are done and sometimes a Student will interject his/her personal income expectation for the year. These Students should be considered “ EXCEPTIONAL” and their results non-reproducible by other individuals, including those in our Program.

There are no guarantees in life what-so-ever including your being able to wake up tomorrow. Every business involves varying degrees of risk including t he possible loss of your money and this includes our Program. Unfortunately, you may seem to do everything we teach you correctly and even with all our support, you can still fail.  There are no Guarantees represented by any of our staff or myself regarding a Student’s potential success or failure.

“A good coach can change a game, a great coach can change a life.” – John Wooden