Month: December 2010

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Are the Investor Sharks Circling Your Buyers and Waiting to Strike?

Real Estate Buyers List – Understand its Importance I was listening to the rants of a local investor who was complaining about one of his associates “stealing” his buyers. He ranted on explaining that he had a buyer for a specific property.  The seller was this local wholesaler. The wholesaler-seller went to closing.  However, the wholesaler-seller did a dry closing because the ranting…
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Real Estate Investing Business Cliches to the Rescue

Seven Real Estate Cliches That Don’t Always Work and One That Does I hear the following clichés all the time regarding the real estate investing business, and many as excuses for not doing real estate deals: 1. “Work Smart, Not Hard” – this comes from people who usually are either successful or utter failures. The successful ones have already worked hard…
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REO Listing Agents vs. Investors, Why is it So Difficult?

REO Listing Agents, Flat-out Caught in a Lie What started out like any other day ended in a high level of frustration that resulted in our “shaking the trees” in the REO system. We had put in a purchase contract with a local REO listing broker who is well known in the community. We put the order in one week prior and…
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The Short Pay, NOT Short Sale Is Coming Back

What is short pay in real estate? I got a call from a condo owner who asked for a referral to a hard-money lender. If you don’t know my feelings about condos, I’ll say it again; the best of these deals are like a third-degree sunburn over 100% of your body – painful and ugly! However, I listened intently as he explained…
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