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Who Made More Money

“How to Make a $10,000 Profit Wholesaling for Every $1000 a Realtor® Made on the Same Transaction”   Let’s see who made more money.. What you’re about to see is a real life example of how to make a $10,000 profit wholesaling for every $1000 a Realtor® made on the same transaction.  Hi, I’m Dave…
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The Power of a Hold Harmless Clause in Real Estate Investing

Too many real estate investors want a “Clear and Marketable” title from a seller when they purchase a property. In a perfect world every title should have no deficiencies or defects when you buy a home, rental or commercial property. For many reasons including defaulted mortgages and code violations and other liens or judgments, clear…
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The Invisible Agent Syndrome in Real Estate Wholesaling

In the realm of wholesaling real estate it is very common for another wholesaler to bring a buyer and be compensated through a Joint Venture Partnership Agreement (JV).  This is not a real estate commission in any sense of the word as long as a JV Agreement is in place.  What has been changing in…
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Is The Real Estate Market Too High?

The current real estate market trends are that ever since the mortgage crisis ended a new round of players has come on the scene. These are the hedge funds and larger moneyed players who have raised new money or shifted it from the risky stock market. Their insatiable buying has partially caused an unprecedented rebound…
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Should You Ever Sign A Hold Harmless Agreement At Closing?

Typically a hold harmless agreement is between a buyer and seller and the intent is to pass on any liability associated with the property to the buyer.   It is important to read the agreement before signing it as you need to understand what you could be getting yourself into after you own the property. These…
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Who Is Supposed To Pay For the Title Policy In Real Estate Closings?

With real estate closings, I get this question all the time especially when Realtors® and investors tell Students what “has to be” to close the deal.  In our state we have three choices for who pays for the title policy and associated work involved to issue the title policy.  This has nothing to do with…
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Simply Solving a Problem Beats Out Higher Cash Buyers

The property that my Student acquired was being fought over by at least a dozen other investors at the same time he got the deal.  This is a case of giving the seller what he wanted with the result the price the seller received didn’t matter to him.  I tell Students that investors are problem…
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What if You Don’t Check an Assignability Option?

I guess I have explained for 15 years to anyone who would listen about the assignability of a contract. My statement has been very simple, “If a contract does not specify it is not assignable, it is assignable.” I have claimed that this applies to any legal and binding contract – not just real estate…
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It’s Amazing What Closing Attorneys Don’t Know

I got a call for transactional funding and the investor asked what I needed. I explained that I had to talk to the closing agent and then see the closing HUDs. The investor sent me the information for the closing attorney as I requested and that started the odyssey. What a challenge I had trying…
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Why Are Heavy Rains Good For Real Estate Investors?

Heavy rains are good for investors but not because of growing landscaping. Landscaping is the first thing that potential buyers see of a property so it is important. However, landscaping can be made greener by simply adding water from a hose. More importantly heavy rains are excellent in uncovering leaks that weren’t discovered on an…
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