Month: January 2011

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How to Legally Sell a Property You Don’t “Own”

Equitable Interest In Real Estate – Learn How it Can Work for You It happens about once every two to three weeks. We get a call from a Realtor® asking how we can be advertising a listed property. Often it is the listing agent who is calling. Sometimes they just start yelling that we are…
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Ode to the Lowly Fence

Adding Value to Your Home or Investment Property With a Fence Fences take all forms. Historically, they were stone, straw and mortar, logs, and any material that kept intruders out. Today they are mostly metal, wood and plastic. Fences are designed to keep people or animals out or keep children and pets in – they usually…
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A Day in the Life – A Real Estate Investor Schedule

Real Estate Investor Schedule – What does a typical day look like? If you wonder what we do all day besides playing video poker and making brownies, here is just a very small sample of a segment of an “average” day.  It gives you a peek inside a real estate investor schedule. Nancy and I went to look…
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