Month: February 2011

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The Underbelly of POFs, Escrow Letters and Mortgage Brokers

Proof of Funds in Real Estate – Beware of their Dark Side Recently, I was talking to one member of a local wholesale group about how he was doing deals. He is a nice guy but doesn’t do very many deals and is virtually penniless. Consequently, my next question was how he was making offers without Proof of Funds in real…
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Land Trusts – Make Sure You Don’t Dismiss Them

Land Trusts & Real Estate Investing – Still Misunderstood About once a week we get a comment about land trusts from someone who has no clue what a land trust is.  Occasionally their comments are so strange we literally break out in laughter. One of the most recent comments was, “I looked in and couldn’t find your land trust so it must…
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Real Estate Income Secrets – Property Contents

Real Estate Income Secrets – Don’t Forget What’s Inside the Property I don’t watch very much TV.  Seems like it has never given me much in return for the time I spent engrossed in it.  What has it done for you?  Ever made a lot of money watching soaps or infomercials? I did walk by the other day and looked at an…
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Unethical Real Estate Practices – Is it Misleading or Good Salesmanship?

Unethical Real Estate Practices – Don’t be a Victim The bare mention of a property being an REO strikes massive emotion in the minds of hungry investors. The Realtors’® auto-responders that look for this (“REO”) and other key words (bank owned, corporate owned, foreclosure, short sale, REO, price declines, DOMs, etc.) methodically go into action…
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Real Estate Practice Principles – Underhanded or Good Salesmanship?

Principles Real Estate Practice We got an email from a local Realtor® with a list of the REOs his office had sold. The intent was to show, and prove without a doubt, that all their deals sell at the listing price or higher. Frequently we hear Realtors® touting that they sell everything at full listing price or higher.  Actually it can…
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