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Real Estate Investing Mentoring Program.

Real Estate Investing Mentoring Program.

This Real Estate Mentor Program started in Broward and Dade County, Florida but has quickly spread across the state and the entire United States.

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Mentoring Program Description

Mentoring Program Description

Would you like to be able to speak to Dave about getting started in his real estate mentoring program?

Who is Dave Dinkel and why should you believe me?

  • I have been an investor since 1975 and am still actively doing deals virtually every day with my Students, Partners and my wife of almost 52 years, Nancy.
  • We developed what has been called by industry insiders, “The most successful Real Estate Mentoring Program in the  industry”

  • I have received the first and only ever Lifetime Achievement Award for 40+ years of “Giving back to the real estate community” as chosen by my peers.

  • In 2006 I saw so many people desperately trying to earn extra money or become financially independent by becoming real estate investors – but failing miserably.

  • Some were retired and needed additional income while others wanted more time with their families and the financial freedom that investing could provide.

  • In fact, I believe that at least 60%+ of our Mentor Students came to us for help after investing $30,000 to over $100,000 without any results using national Gurus’ courses.
  • Some had tried for as long as two years with no results what-so-ever.
  • In the interviews on this website you’ll hear for yourself Students talk about their previous failures with expensive courses they purchased.
  • Ironically, nearly every one said they got tons of books, tapes, CDs, DVDs, manuals, ongoing seminars and even weekly webinars but with No Results.
  • The common thread for their failure was that they had no one who would give them the answers to their questions when they needed them.
  • This lack of help was common despite their paying more money for a “personal coach”.
  • Often their coach would come into town and personally work with them for 2 or 3 days and then disappear.
  • Other times, their coach was in a distant state and when asked questions, they responded that they didn’t give “that kind of advice” or “they weren’t familiar with the area”.

  • Real estate investing has made more millionaires; than any other business, there is no need for inventory, no need for tons of money or credit and it is what I call a “renewable resource”.

  • There will always be people needing to sell their homes or income properties.

  • I get the question all the time, “Will what you do work in my city?”

  • My answer is, Why do you think it won’t?”

  • The area of the country that is likely the most difficult for real estate investors is undeniably the South Florida area.

  • I started in Broward and Miami-Dade Counties of Florida and have been active for over 40 years.

  • I never knew how hard it was because “hard” was normal.

  • Hard became the only thing I ever knew and every time I did a deal it got easier and easier and it can for you too.

  • The reason for this question is typically because of the “naysayers” all around you – friends, relatives, business associates, Realtors® and even other real estate investors.

  • Ask yourself, “Are they trying to protect me or are they afraid of what might happen when I succeed?”

  • You always have choices and you are where you are right now because of your choices –

  • Now is the time to start making choices that will change your life instead of keeping you STUCK.

  • A few of these Students were gracious to do interviews with me and you’ll find them elsewhere on this website.

  • Every one of these interviews is with a Real Person who had Real Results and all of them started at the same place – No Experience and, most often, No Money.

Why Not You?

  • You’ll get more than enough material to provide you with information to become successful in any of the 12 “niches” that have made us multi-millionaires and guided our exceptional Students to earnings of $50,000 or more a MONTH.

  • I know that sounds unbelievable, but it’s true – listen to the Students tell you exactly how they did it and in some cases why they did it.

  • What reason can you give me that you can’t be successful?

  • Most of our successful Students had fulltime jobs when they started and many had children and full-time jobs at the same time.

  • The answer I usually get about why you can’t do it is an excuse.

  • Our lives are filled with excuses or successes – which ones do you want to be known for –

Excuses or Successes?

  • If you want to make your dreams come true, you have to make changes in your life.

  • Additionally, you’ll have to make sacrifices but the results will be LIFE CHANGING and well worth your effort.

  • Imagine what you could do with an “extra” $10,000, $100,000 or even what you could do when you became a millionaire.

  • Most of our successful Students had fulltime jobs when they started and many had children and full-time jobs at the same time.

  • If you are serious about changing your life, now is the time to get in touch with us for an interview.

  • Let’s get into what is the most important part of the Program.

  • What you REALLY get with the Mentoring Program is over 120 years of real estate investing experience –

  • I have been at it for over 40 years, Nancy over 40 years and my two partners who are also Mentor Program Graduates with 40+ years combined experienced!

How much is 120+ years of solid experience worth and all of which is AVAILABLE TO YOU?

Frankly It’s PRICELESS!

Frankly It's PRICELESS!

What Options Do You Have?

  • You have a very inexpensive option to get advanced training and attempt to learn our Advanced Investor Techniques.
  • In my experience mentoring investors, I have seen unbelievable results and likewise I have seen utter failures.

  • The people who fail, simply quit, because they simply don’t want to do the work.

  • If you are a “Quitter in Life,” please don’t apply unless you are ready to make a change.

If you need to change your life and you are ready to do so, let’s look at the Easy Way

  • We offer an intense level of coaching and our experience as an essential part of the Mentoring Program.

  • When we started in 1975 there weren’t any National Gurus to coach us especially when we needed them.

  • You have to do the work but we’ll provide the experience that we learned in the school of Hard Knocks.

  • The longer you wait for just the “perfect time” the less chance it will ever happen – “Life will get in your path” –
    Don’t let this happen to you….

  • Take charge of your life now and fill in your information on this page for your No Obligation interview with us.

  • You ask the questions, we give truthful answers and then we both decide whether or not we will work together – it’s that simple.

  • While expensive is relative, our Program is the least expensive in the country that I know of where you get one-on-one REAL coaching with your own Accountability Partner.

  • You won’t get dated webinars or have to attend ongoing seminar (“pitch fests”) where the Guru and his special Board Members are upselling you more products.

  • For specifics on what’s in the Program, how long it lasts, your investment and other details you can read all about it in the “Mentor Program Overview” elsewhere on this page.

  • If you decide you are ready to change your life forever and make your dreams come true, fill in the information below and either Nancy or I will personally interview you.

  • Meanwhile, I suggest you look at the testimonials of exceptional Students on this website and listen carefully to their very personal experiences.

Being a real estate mentor and helping my students succeed has brought me a complete sense of purpose that money can not buy. Join the program by contacting me and let’s make history together.

To Your Limitless Success,

Dave Dinkel

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