Month: April 2011

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Florida Land Trust – Misconceptions and Benefits for Real Estate Investing

Florida Land Trust – Gets no Respect but Controls Super Wealth I don’t go a whole day without someone calling me to tell me a story about a property they were involved in where a Florida land trust was involved.  I mention Florida specifically since that is where I am based.  It could have been the offer they made…
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Why Are so Many Investors Being Burned Alive?

Real Estate Investor Education – Are Foreclosures Scorching You? I read it all the time in the publications, “Investors get burned buying foreclosures at the auction” or “Investors get burned buying tax deeds”. Both of these bargain basement methods of buying properties can cause the darkest of greed to come out of people. This greed blinds their common sense and they literally throw…
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The HUD -1 Statement – AUDIO

Teleseminar #3 – “How to do Contracting That Failure-proofs Your Investing and Keeps You Out of Legal Troubles” The attached audio interview is about understanding the HUD-1 Closing Statement Click here to download

Bulking up With Real Estate REOs – Feast or Famine?

A Real Estate REO Education – Be Careful Out There I guess we are seeing about 5 – 15 “unusual” looking REOs a week that upon closer investigation are the residue of bulk REO (bank-owned) property sales. Bulk REO sales are “bundled” REOs from many locations around the country that are sold in one chunk – often referred to as a…
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