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What Motivates Real Estate Mentor Students?

One Real Estate Mentor Student’s Experience in His Own Words Why do real estate mentor students keep coming to Dave Dinkel’s change your life real estate mentoring program?  What is their motivation and could it mirror your own? The students are motivated by things like being your own boss, hating going to a job in the morning, increased independence and income,…
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Real Estate Investing Coaching Program Student’s Profitable Experience

Dave: Hi, I’m Dave Dinkel. I’m here today with Levi. Levi is one of our newer students. And one of the more spectacular things he did is he lost 40 lbs. I didn’t recognize him the last time I saw him. And it wasn’t hard you said. You spend an hour a day walking? Levi:…
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Real Estate Broker Starts Wholesaling In Real Estate Mentor Program

Dave: Hi, I’m Dave Dinkel. I’m here today with Daryl. Daryl has been on the program a little over a year, sort of part-time and I say that because he has a very successful full-time business. We were talking a little bit before we did this video and I didn’t know this. Daryl has been…
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11 Year Broker Finds A Gold Mine In Real Estate Investing Program

Dave: Hi, I’m Dave Dinkel. And today, I’m here with Carlos Zapata. Carlos is not untypical of mentor students. He started into the program and kind of was spinning his wheels and he actually came back and did what I call a restart. I sat down, sort of one-on-one with him and said, “Tell me…
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SWAT Cop Success in New Real Estate Mentor Student Program

Dave: Today we’re here with Richard Lemons, Richard and his wife, and they are in Central Florida, in an area that’s, I’m not going to say sparse but there’s fewer investors and homes sell much more slowly. Richard has been in the mentoring program for a few months. Richard: Yes. Dave: And I didn’t realize you…
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Not All Real Estate Mentor Programs Work- This One Does

Dave: Hi, I’m Dave Dinkel. I’m here today with Henry Galiano. Henry is Cuban. He came to the United States when he was almost 9 years old. Before he came here, he was a sheepherder. He gave that profession up because he hated to see the sheeps processed, I’m going to say.  Now, last –…
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Real Estate Investor Training and Mentoring That Just Works

Last week, we had four new students come in with their first deals. I decided to make this really quick video because I already made the slide presentation for what we call our new deals at our club meeting. So all of these are using no money, no credit, and they took no risk in…
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Real Estate Training Mentor Program- 50 Deals So Far for Student

Dave: Hi, I’m Dave Dinkel. Today, I’m here with Aisha. Aisha is one of our mentor students from a number of years ago. She completed about 50 deals. Aisha: About. Dave: What was your largest deal? Aisha: On a rehab, the largest spread was about 64. Dave: OK, $64,000. Aisha: Yes. Dave: And on your…
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Short Sale Mentoring Deal Profits $235,000

Dave: I’m Dave Dinkel. Today, I’m here with Zel. Zel is one of our mentor students and just completed a super deal. And I want to sort of bring him in and say hi. Zel is – what country are you a citizen of? Zel: I’m Croatian. Dave: Croatian. So he’s an alien in the…
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Florida Real Estate Mentoring Program 7 Figure Success

Dave: I’m Dave Dinkel. And today, we’re going to take a rare look at a third year mentor student who should net 7 figures this year or over one million dollars. In this video, he tells all about his methods and actual cost per lead in this must see video. When Gabe joined our mentoring…
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