Jim: Eddie is going to do the honors for us for our Lifetime Achievement Award so that I don’t tear up. Come on!


Eddie: Good. Good. Good.

Jim: Nancy

Eddie: So, I’d like to, first of all, that the award tonight is going to be sponsored by our company, 94 Investors, our other company. And you know the– I just want to introduce our team and so of course it’s myself and Alexi, Ivan who we met through the DREIA, and he has been an amazing part, he is our acquisitionist. He does an amazing job as part of the team, as a partner and involved in all that we do. We also have Bob as partner as well as Albert. And then also our newest member is Javier.  And so we’re excited that we’re here because, you know, our business is rehabbing properties. So, I just want to introduce the team. And so you know who, you know who’s representing this award.

Now, let’s talk about the award. You know there are many people in this DREIA and our exchange over 4 full years that you’ve been our mentors that constantly help us and share and grow. And to me, the first person who should receive the Lifetime Achievement Award should be Dave and Nancy.


Eddie: I say this literally every time I talk about membership is that Dave is the dean of DREIA.  You know what’s important about a mentor is that they are people who are constantly willing to give.  Regardless of the outcome is that you give and you give and you give. Some will take, some will make it happen and some won’t but the most important thing is you always give. What I love is that every time I see you, you give and that’s what we love about you. And so, it’s so important that the first Lifetime Achievement Award for DREIA goes to Dave and Nancy Dinkel. Please give them a round of applause.

[Crowd Applauding]

Nancy Dinkel: Me?  Dave and I really enjoy helping people. We like to change lives. We could be at home.  We’ve done enough that we could just retire. But we just love working with people. We want to make everyone a success and where they are there for you and we just love what we do. This man I am married to works from 8:00 in the morning to 11:00 at night, working on emails, helping with deals, everything he can do to encourage people to make a difference in their lives and I’m very proud of him.

[Crowd Applauding]

Audience: Kiss!

Dave Dinkel: I wouldn’t be…


[Crowd Cheering]

Dave Dinkel: I love to give and I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Nancy. Ours has been almost 50-year relationship now and it has been wonderful. And we’re talking about the next 50, right?


Dave Dinkel: But Eddie’s right. We do give and we get a great joy from seeing people be successful and it’s a wonderful thing and I don’t have a lot more to say about except thanks to all of you frankly, for making us joyous. We’re blessed.

Nancy Dinkel: We are.

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