Watch this important video describing real estate mentoring and what you need to know to succeed.

Real estate mentoring is a huge decision and you need to know what you’re getting in the program.

What Materials and Courses Does a Student Get with the Mentoring Program?

After years of improving the real estate mentoring materials in our Program based on Student success and failures, I have what we believe is the most significant group of printed materials, individual courses and instructional videos in the real estate mentoring industry.

The materials and complete Courses are designed for attaining high levels of success in real estate investing. In addition, we continually update and customize the materials to the Student’s location and personal needs.

Our real estate mentoring program has been incorrectly labeled as “only a wholesaling course”. As you will see we believe in using many proven techniques and investing methods to take advantage of everything that a super successful real estate investing career has to offer.

We stress wholesaling as the starting point or the base of the pyramid to start your career. The reason is very simple; learn wholesaling where you need little or no money so you make money before you start spending it on the newest “Bright Shiny Object” (BSO) that gurus are offering as get rich quick solutions to the world’s problems.

When you control wholesaling your mastery of other real estate methods will come very easily and your career will skyrocket. Wholesaling is done in every state and virtually every city in the country. The buyers for our wholesale deals are usually rehabbers who then go on to risk the loss of capital and the challenge of potential changing market conditions.

Wholesaling takes place over a few days, not weeks or months so it doesn’t matter at all if the local or national real estate market is going up, down or sideways. In fact, successful wholesalers will tell you they prefer a down market because their profits are larger. The reason is very simple, in wholesaling you are only riding a real estate cycle for a few days not weeks, months or years.

What about areas where the real estate market is hot, hot, hot? The secret here is building a buyers list and finding truly motivated sellers where the competing investors are literally unaware of their presence. If you have to compete by paying the highest price for a property, your career will be short lived – we don’t even try; we have a much better solution to finding great deals!

It’s very important to understand that real estate investing is a renewable resource meaning there will always be foreclosures, short sales, probates, tax deed sales, job transfers, tired landlords and many, many more types of motivated sellers looking for a SOLUTION to their problem. I highlighted this because once you understand the process of finding a solution for the motivated seller’s problem, the issue is no longer “price” but “how soon can you solve my problem?”

The Program was specifically developed from my personal investing experience of over 40 years. We have lived and breathed each of the techniques and tactics that you’ll have access to in the Program. Ask yourself, what is 40+ years of experience worth?

My Partners combined experience is another 80+ years. If you don’t come up with “priceless” as an answer, you are missing the true value of the Program.

We have what I believe is the lowest priced Mentoring Program in the country for what you actually receive. Unlike many other national programs that upsell you to their “Personalized Mentoring”, we provide it from the start. Each Student gets a personal mentor (Accountability Partner) who has a vested interest in your success.

We did this to help people change their lives and because we make money by splitting deals with you. If you make money so do we and, frankly, the benefit to us is we get paid for your success. The much bigger benefit to you is you get paid to learn instead of borrowing tons of money, spending years to get a degree and then hope to get a JOB (Just Over Broke) and then take years to pay back student loans.


The following Program’s materials are delivered in one of two ways, either on a weekly basis or all at one time. There are specific reasons for these delivery systems and we will explain them when we interview Applicants. Making an Application to join the Program does not mean you will be accepted.

The Program is divided into six Modules that are labeled as follows:

Module 1 – Start Here

Module 2 – How to Wholesale

Module 3 – Wholesale Submission Package

Module 4 – Additional Programs

Module 5 – Tool Box

Module 6 – Breakthrough Investing The contents of each Module are “self-sustaining” meaning that they both support other techniques and investing niches in the Program and can, in many cases, be used as standalone methods of real estate investing.

Contents of Module 1

(Start Here) Part 1 – Start Here [Introduction to the Program]

Part 2 – Time Management [3 videos, workbook, slide presentation, e-book]

Part 3 – Crushing Your Greatest Fears [18 videos, e-book]

Part 4 – Checklists and Homework [13 documents]

PDF – The Only Three Types of Emails

Excel Spreadsheet – “Planning My Financial Future”

Contents of Module 2

(How to Wholesale)

Step 1 – Find Deals

Step 2 – Property Evaluation [5 videos, 3 Excel Spreadsheets, 6 e-books or reports]

Step 3 – Make Offer Step 4 – Seller Responses [2 videos, 3 e-books]

Step 5 – Follow Up

Step 6 – Advertise Property [3 videos, 7 pdf’s]

Step 7 – Sold or Unsold [1 video, I pdf Sample Report]

Step 8 – Closing [9 videos, 1 e-book]

How to Overcome Every Possible Realtor® Objection (e-report)

“What Happens in a Wholesale Deal?”

Contents of Module 3

(Wholesale Marketing Package)

Contained in this Module are various documents to help in submitting wholesale deals to other investors, critical Addendums to your sales contract to eliminate your market risk and documents for end-buyers. [7 forms or documents]

Contents of Module 4

(Additional Programs)

These programs are complete Courses on their specific topic. You can get more than enough information from these Courses to do deals in these areas or niches.

Creative Financing [e-book “18 Ways to Do No Money Deals”]

Deed Restrictions Be Gone [e-book “8 ways to avoid Onerous Deed Restrictions” and live video presentation]

Finding Private Money [10 Sample Documents, e-book “Finding Private Money Lenders”, Lender Application, two Power Point® presentations to use for an audience or for one potential lender]

Flipping Rental Properties [live video presentation and e-book]

FSBO Power Selling System [6 videos, 5 e-books]

How to Work with Realtors® [live video presentation, 2 e-books]

Lease Options [6 Sample documents. one e-report, Excel Spreadsheet Auto Calculator and Addendum Generator]

Quickly Build a Super Buyers List [e-book]

Short Sales [5 documents, and a live video presentation]

Understanding Probates [e-book]

Pdf – “How to Crush the REO Market”

Pdf – “The Story of John the Wholesaler”

Pdf – “Understanding Transactional Funding”

Contents of Module 5

(Tool Box)

Contract Info [3 e-books]

Land Trusts and Sample Documents [11 Word® documents, 1 pdf]

Landlording Sample Documents [60+ necessary Word® or pdf docs]

Special Mentor Videos [can not divulge the contents here]

Webinars and Audios of FAQ’s [4 webinars and 3 Mp3 audios]

Various Forms, Documents, Agreements and other necessary materials for doing contracting and partnering with other investors [20 Word® and pdf documents]

Contents of Module 6

(Breakthrough Real Estate Investing)

This is where the “true grit” of successful real estate investing lies. The 12 niches that are disclosed here are what our most successful Students (earning $25,000 to $100,000+ a month) use to get their deals and make huge incomes.

I am purposely not disclosing these “Niches” here because the titles may be misleading to readers and our Students are paying for the privilege of being mentored in growing these money trees.

Ironically, a couple of these very specific techniques are sold by national gurus for as much as $50,000 each – I know because some of our Students paid that much and more and couldn’t do any deals before they came into our Program.

WARNING – The materials you see listed above in the Program are updated on a non- regular basis so when you join you may receive more and/or slightly different materials.

The intent is to keep you abreast of changing market conditions.

Whatever your decision about becoming a real estate investor, I wish you limitless success,

Dave Dinkel

Real Estate Mentor Program Founder

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