Ray: Hi, I’m Ray Carabotta.

Dave Dinkel: Ray, you’re a student and you’ve had an exceptional deal that was just completed. As a matter of fact, the profit was over a $104,000. Now, tell us where you got the deal and just a little bit about it.

Ray: I got the deal from somebody I met through the DREIA organization. He had a package of some probate deals and I just started talking to him. He brought a package to me. I went to Dave and you know brought the deal to them and without them I definitely would not have been able to get this done.

I have invested in the past and I’ve always used traditional financing. I waited for the market to go up and then I would sell it. I actually got caught in 2008, 2009, I was very fearful of even, you know, getting back into the business but when I went to this, you know, to DREIA, I learned of how they operate and sure enough you know, 30 to 45 days later we closed that first deal.

Dave Dinkel: Let’s talk about the amount of money that’s involved. This was $850,000 purchase and what it was it’s sold for?

Ray: It was sold for 975.

Dave Dinkel: OK, so we’re talking almost a million dollars. How much money did you involved in that transaction?

Ray: I didn’t put any money into it. I don’t think I’ve ever given my social security. They’ve never seen my credit. And which is just smooth as it can be. I mean everything you guys talked about which I was a little bit doubtful at first but now, I’m a firm believer. Without this class, without going to this program, there’s no shot this would have happened.

Dave Dinkel: If you were going to tell somebody else that is coming about the program what would you say to him about it?

Ray: Don’t hesitate. Be fearless.


Dave Dinkel: Thanks very much, Ray.

Ray: You got it.

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